Domesticated elephant’s first baby dies

The baby elephant died before being born on October 8.

The first domesticated elephant in the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak gave birth to the first baby on October 8, however, it died right before being born.

According to Huynh Trung Luan, director of the Dak Lak Elephant Conservation Centre, said that 38-year-old elephant H’Ban Nang gave birth to a 90-kilo male baby on the evening of October 8. The death was probably due to the prolonged labour.

Some months ago, owner Y Mu Bkrong announced that his elephant H’Ban Nang was pregnant, which was greeted as good news for elephant conservation. After that, H’Ban Nang was relieved from work to relax in a forested area far from people to await the birth.

The Dak Lak Elephant Conservation Centre made careful preparations for the birth in the support of international animal preservation experts. However, the baby died before being born.


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H’Ban Nang being pregnant was greeted as good news for elephant conservation in Vietnam.

Statistics from Dak Lak Elephant Conservation Centre showed that the number of domesticated elephants plummeted from 502 in 1980 to just 44 this year because of overwork, old age and clashes with wild elephants. 19 of the animals are too old and can’t breed anymore.

Last year, the centre started a research project to improve the fertility rate among domesticated elephants. The owners will be informed when is the best time for breeding to match elephants together.



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