HCMC rejects information on termination of bus rapid transit project

A model of BRT station in Ho Chi Minh City

Head of the Office of Ho Chi Minh City’s People Committee Vo Van Hoan has affirmed that the city does not have a policy to suspend the building of the first-ever bus rapid transit (BRT) line, which runs along Vo Van Kiet and Mai Chi Tho avenues.

Hoan noted that, from the lessons learnt in the construction of the BRT line in Hanoi, the city is undertaking further studies to effectively carry out the project.

He said that at the recent working session with the World Bank in the US, Ho Chi Minh City was encouraged and supported by the World Bank to carry out the BRT line project while conducting further research.

Thus, before launching the project, the city authorities must promote the dissemination of information on the BRT to the public and rearrange the transport system in order to increase the feasibility and efficiency of the project, Hoan stated.

He noted that the BRT line will only be profitable if it runs through crowded residential areas, which would result in attracting a large number of passengers.

As planned, Ho Chi Minh City will build six BRT lines. The first one is 23km long running through Districts 1,2,5,6,8, Binh Tan and Binh Chanh and is scheduled to commence operation in 2019.

The project is estimated to cost over US$137 million, including a US$124 million loan from the World Bank, with the remaining amount being sourced from the city’s budget.

Nhan Dan


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