Hanoi: Man killed by restaurant dumbwaiter

The restaurant where the incident happened

A young man has been killed after being stuck in a restaurant dumbwaiter lift in Hanoi.

The incident occurred at around 9 pm on September 26 on the second floor of the restaurant on Tran Hung Dao Street.

According to the initial information, the man was found with his head stuck in the lift. Many people tried to find ways to save him and rang the police, the rapid response force a police, as well as firefighters for help.

The victim, Nguyen Hong Minh, 19, from Ly Nhan District, Ha Nam Province lost consciousness and then died right on the location.

Some witnesses said that at the dumbwaiter had stopped working and Minh had crept into this to find what was wrong with it. Suddenly, the lift fell onto his head. The lift was so heavy so people couldn’t lift it to save him.



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